Image restore using an .ISO

Restore an image using a .ISO file

To restore your server or computer you will need a bootable device. You can do this in multiple ways:

- DVD drive
- USB drive
- PXE boot

We advise to use a USB boot since this is the fastest and less prone to errors.

How to create a USB bootable drive:

  1. Download a program to create a bootable USB. For this tutorial we advise and use Rufus.
  2. Open Rufus and plug your USB stick in your PC.
  3. Use the following selection (see image):


  •  MBR partition for BIOS or UEFI
  • FAT32
  • 8192 bytes (Default)
  • New volume label (your choice)
  • Quick format On
  • Create bootable disk > Select your ISO which you can download in your back-up portal
  • Create extended label and icon files On
  1. Click start, a notification will pop-up asking whether you
  2. Want to write in the ISO or DD mode? Choose DD image
(When writing of the ISO fails we advise to format the USB drive in Windows before creating the image.)
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