Setting up a secure connection in Outlook (2016)

Step 1
In the top left corner select "File" and then "Account Settings".

Step 2
Select the e-mail account you wish to configure and click "Change"

Step 3
Make sure your incoming and outgoing servers are correct. This should always be mail."your domain" (e.g.

Your username is always your full e-mailadres.

Once you are done click "More Settings"

Step 4
On the "Outgoing Server" tab of Internet Email Settings make sure the option "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" is turned on.

Step 5
On the "Advanced" tab on Internet Email Settings set the Incoming server port to 993 and security type SSL/TLS. The outgoing server port must be set to 587 and security type to STARTTLS.

Once everything has been configured click OK and press Next. Your e-mail connection is now secure.

For additional port/connection information please take a look at this article.
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