CS:GO - Server only accepts LAN connections

Your CS:GO server refuses connections because of a missing gameserver token.

Since December 2015, CS:GO requires you to have a server token.
In this topic we will cover how to add this token to your i3D.net CS:GO server.

First we need a gameserver token. You can generate one by using the link below.

Scroll down to find "Create a new game server account".
CS:GO uses App ID 730, so go ahead and fill in the textbox next to App ID.
Add a memo so if you ever need it again in the future, you can easily find it.

You have now generated a token, it should look something like this.

Copy the token, and log in to your i3D control panel, find your CS:GO game server and click on config editor.
The very top textbox is named "startup command line".

Add "+sv_setsteamaccount <your token>" to your startup command line. Make sure to have a space in between what you are adding now, and the last startup command that was already in startup command line.
The command you're adding should look like this:
+sv_setsteamaccount 359D9F46FCCA5DE795489F9859XXXXXX

Click "Save startup line" and restart your server.
Your problem should be solved.
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