How to create a MTR report (Unix-based Systems)

This will explain how to create a MTR report on Unix-based Systems

For a Windows version please refer to this guide.

This topic will explain in short how to create a MTR report on Linux for more network insight between you and the given server in the datacenter.

Please always provide your own IP address with the made MTR report as our network team will need this for troubleshooting the connection between the datacenter and your ISP.
Your IP address can be easily grabbed from 

Installing MTR on Linux:

On Debian and Ubuntu systems, issue the following commands to ensure that your system’s package repository is up to date, that all installed packages are up to date and finally to install MTR itself:
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get install mtr-tiny

On CentOS and Fedora systems you will want to issue the following commands to update repositories, upgrade installed packages and install the MTR program:
yum update
yum install mtr

On Arch Linux systems issue the following commands to update the package database and install MTR:
pacman -Syu
pacman -S mtr

Installing MTR on Mac OS X

If you’re running a Mac OS X workstation, you may install MTR with either Homebrew, or MacPorts. To install MTR with Homebrew, run:
brew install mtr

To install MTR with MacPorts, run:
port install mtr

Using MTR on Unix-based Systems

First of all, please be aware that this test will run 10 minutes in order to give reliable results.
You may generate MTR reports using the following syntax:
mtr -rwzc 600 [destination_host]

Where [desination_host] needs to be replaced with the IP closest to your location based on the below list:

Australia, Sydney           
Brazil, São Paulo            
Germany, Frankfurt        
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Japan, Tokyo                  
Netherlands, Rotterdam
South Africa, Johannesburg
United Arab Emirates, Dubai
United States, Dallas      
United States, Los Angeles
United States, Washington

For example, you live in Italy and your ping to the Netherlands is above average. Your input would be:
mtr -rwzc 600

Our network team is always looking for new MTRs to optimize the network further. If you believe your connection quality should or could be better, send an e-mail to with your MTR or Pathing, list your own IP address and address this to our network operations team (NOC).

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